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Thank you to our 2017 Sponsors!

$300 Sponsorship Level:

The money from this sponsor will help us provide for part of a family's needs. This will help us provide things like hand and foot molds, photography, memorial cards, photo enlargements, and small things to help make a memorial personalized.

Hudson Hospitals & Clinics

$500 Sponsorship Level:

The money from this sponsor will help take care of the financial aspect of Halos helping a family. The funds are to help with all the things above as well as helping pay for things such as a casket, urn, burial plot, funeral home expenses, luncheons, or anything else that the family could need.

Aloha Art Collective Tattoo


Aveda Salon




Somerset Legion

$1000 Sponsorship Level:

This sponsorship will help support 2 families who have suffered the loss of a child.

$1500 Sponsorship Level: This sponsorship will help support 3 families who have suffered the loss of a child.

$3000 Our Angel Sponsorship Level: This is our most precious and important sponsor, because you have the ability to give time to a family with their loved one. This sponsorship will be used to purchase a CuddleCot which is a device that allows the family to spend more time with their child. When a child passes away the amount of time you have with them is limited and this allows them to take more time then they would normally have. We will also allow you to pick the hospital (one that does not have one) to donate it to. This will include a plaque with your business name on it to show who was kind enough to give the “gift of time”. You also have the option instead of a CuddleCot, to support 6 families.

Cash Donations





Thank you to these sponsors who are sponsoring specific parts of our event!

Mommies of and Angel is sponsoring our Resource Tent which will provide resources to our families. This tent will hold local resources from supportive therapy, counseling, retreats, non-profits who we work closely with, and other healing services that will help provide comfort to our families. Andi & Dana are make beautiful weighted bears and we are lucky enough to have them as volunteers as well! 

MartiGrah Designs is sponsoring our butterfly release to honor Jacob Wetterling. Marti is also our Project Director and designer who does all our Angel Sponsor signs for our event too.

Caribou is sponsoring and serving all the coffee for all the participants from 7:00-9:00 AM. Their tent with be just east of the Registration Tent.

Walgreen's is sponsoring the water stations along the entire route of the memorial Run/Walk.

The NEST is sponsoring our Lactation Station, located on the north end of the park, near the vendors.

The NEST is a boutique Reproductive Mental Health and Women's Wellness Clinic. We specialize in women's mental health including depression and anxiety related to pregnancy, postpartum, birth/reproductive trauma, fertility, high-risk pregnancy, parenthood adjustment and more.