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"Once you become real, you can't become unreal again, it lasts for always." 

-The Velveteen Rabbit

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for the loss of a baby through 14 weeks gestation

Many of those who lose a child may feel as if they bear an untold story hidden deep within them. As a mother of two angels I have felt those untold stories begin to come to life here on earth, where my babies are not, as I began to advocate and help support those whose arms are also absent of their child(ren).

Halos of the St. Croix Valley has given me the opportunity to branch out and create a program we call H.E.L.P. (Halos Early Loss Project) that focuses primarily on early losses, miscarriages (any pregnancy 0-14 weeks of gestation). As I began developing the program, researching, making phone calls to those within the hospital systems in MN (where there is a law to protect miscarriages from being treated as medical waste), I found out about an opportunity many hospitals in MN provide for the families that I believe is essential for our own community in WI as well.

Hospital arranged group burials provide families experiencing the loss from the gestation of 0-14 weeks. They provide the families with a group memorial service and burial unless private arrangements are made. These ceremonies usually take place quarterly or bi-yearly depending on the geographical need. Because miscarriages are roughly 1 in 4 and sadly happen more frequently, group burials are necessary in order to be able to support and help the large number of families that experience that particular loss.

We have created a designated space for those we love who gain their wings early on in life; Lullaby Lane. Lullaby Lane embodies the deep love a parent and loved one carries each and every day for the little Angels that may, or may not, have touched this earth...but have touched their hearts forever.

Besides our Lullaby Lane Memorial, H.E.L.P offers immediate support for individuals as well as information and resources that can be provided to clinics willing to partner with us and then given to patients right there at the hospital. Below is a list of our current services.


H.E.L.P Coordinator

We offer group burial for early loss/miscarriage. This is an affordable option for us to be able to offer and provide an opportunity for all our tiniest Angels to have a proper burial. Each of our angels will have their own special vessel that is placed in a beautiful white casket and laid to rest at our infant and pregnancy loss memorial, Lullaby Lane. Each little love will be able to have their name engraved onto a flat group marker placed on top of their plot. For more information please contact Stephanie at [email protected]

We do offer financial assistance with individual cremation and burial, including urns and caskets, when funds are available.

Lullaby Lane is located on the east side of The New Richmond Cemetery in New Richmond, WI. Established in the summer of 2021, our memorial is still in a stage of growth as we slowly add more endearing accents and options for seating when funding is available.

One of our most treasured services is providing parents of those who are walking this sudden path of loss with our Little Angel Comfort Packages. These packages are filled with keepsakes in honor of their precious angel gone too soon.

In addition to our Little Angel Comfort Packages, this flyer is printed and provided in each local package. We partnered with our local library to create a wider variety of loss resources. Click here for the link to Friday Memorial Library’s miscarriage support materials

We have a brochure insert that respectfully outlines options once a Mother realizes or has been informed that she is miscarrying. These are available onsite at our partnered Hospital. If you think this would be beneficial at your local hospital, please reach out to Stephanie at [email protected]

Little Angel Comfort Packages



These are placed directly in Hospitals

(Currently serving Western Wisconsin Health in Baldwin, Wisconsin)

Keepsake Blanket

Keepsake Cloth Diaper & Hat

Memorial Seed Bomb

Keepsake Angel Charm + Poem

“For Your Tears” Handkerchief

“Mom/Dad of an Angel” Bracelets

Honorary Certificate of Life

“Those Few Weeks” Poem Print

Local Library Resources

Miscarriage Kit



This miscarriage kit is to be used after you have found that your baby has died but you have not delivered yet.

This miscarriage kit is purchased through and includes:

A collapsible colander

A squeeze bottle

A fetal development card with pictures and details of the baby for the appropriate gestational age

A vessel to place the baby

A placenta bag

3 pairs of gloves

Directions on saline bath preservation technique.

All these are in a thick plastic pink storage bag (9" x 12") for safe and easy access, yet still small enough to be portable in a large purse.

4 Journals



To be placed in Little Angel Comfort Packages

*These are placed in our packages as long as funds for the journals are available.​

General Donation



To be used at the discretion of the founders for items such as,




Grave Markers

Individual Burial Requests

'Little Angel Comfort Package' Items.