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~ "I've Carried You Every Second of Your Life, and I Will Love You Every Second of Mine.~

Lullaby Lane is a project organized by Halos of the St. Croix Valley in partnership with the New Richmond Cemetery and Bakken-Young Funeral Home that will honor and create a designated space for those we love who gain their wings early on in life. Halos Early Loss Project (H.E.L.P.) has initiated this project in hopes of helping provide early losses such as miscarriages with the opportunity for group burial and a special place to honor all of our tiny Angels gone too soon.

Once we started H.E.L.P (Halos Early Loss Program) we learned a lot about early losses and how they are treated differently here in WI versus other states. Many hospitals in MN provide an opportunity for group burial, free of charge, for the many families who experience an early loss. Each early loss is treated as a baby and given the opportunity to be buried or cremated in a dignified manner, per law. Wisconsin does not have those same laws that protect miscarriages and ensure a respected burial or cremation. Halos has worked with the necessary parties to figure out how we can offer these group burials in our community which in turn validate the lives of our precious early loss Angels. Sadly many parents do not realize they have the right to cremation or burial for an early loss. Lullaby Lane would is an opportunity for our community to create a special place for these tiny lives to be honored and remembered respectfully.

Lake Kountry has created a beautiful paved lane that will be adorned with the names of our Angels who reside within the hearts of those in our community leading up to a memorial headstone. Lullaby Lane will embody the deep love a parent and loved one carries each and every day for the little Angels that may, or may not, have touched this earth...but have touched their hearts forever.

There will be 2 opportunities each year to order pavers to be placed in Lullaby Lane. The engraved pavers will be placed once in the Spring and once in the Fall (after the ground thaws and before it freezes). The cut-off days to order pavers will be in the Summer and Winter.

Thank you to our ongoing Partners for Lullaby Lane:

Lake Kountry

City of New Richmond

Rivard Stone

Bakken-Young Funeral Home

Medical Examiner Patty Schachtner

Heavens Gain (Miscarriage Kits)

Tiny Treasures (Keepsake Blankets, Cloth Diapers, and Hats)

Thank you to our gracious Lullaby Lane Sponsors:

Johnson Motors

Steve and Jennella Hunsley

Jackie Damiani

McCullough & Sons, Inc.