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~ No One Walks Alone ~

Here are the areas we need volunteers in.

*Sometimes we have random remote volunteer opportunities come up so feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you would like to learn more.

2023 Memorial Walk Volunteer

2023 Memorial Walk Volunteer Sign Up

Sign up to become a Memorial Walk Volunteer.

We need people to help with...

-Grounds Crew

-Raffle Tent

-Pennies for Heaven

-Carnival Games

-Volunteer Tent

-Registration Tent

-Information Tent


-Set Up and Take Down

Memorial Walk Task Force Volunteer

We will have an on-going to-do list for our task force to assist us with such as picking up donated raffle items or collecting signatures to be able to hold the walk.

2023 Task Force Sign Up

Monthly Volunteer Nights

Volunteer nights are open to everyone and are held on the Second Monday of each month from 6-8pm at our office in New Richmond!

Volunteer Night Sign Up

Errand Runner

You will be notified via text when we are in need of someone to run an errand for us. 

(Example: picking up memorial cards)


To: 31996

Memorial Photography

Photographs are one of the most treasured mementos a parent could have of their child. Many parents are uncomfortable making the decision to have photos taken, when they are grieving the loss of their baby. Those photos will be there when they are ready to have that peace and remember their child and the time they had with them.

We also provide photography for memorial services, for any age child. This is done in a very discreet manner, so that parents may look back and see all those loved ones that were there to remember their child and the impact that he or she has made on their lives.

All of our memorial photography is done FREE OF CHARGE for parents.

Memorial Photography Sign Up

Angel Gown Seamstress

We are always looking for seamstresses to help create beautiful burial gowns from donated wedding dresses, for the babies that pass before or shortly after birth. 

Patterns are provided and can be done on your own time.

*Must be able to pick up a dress in New Richmond, WI or in Dodge County, WI

Angel Gown Seamstress Sign Up

Donate Your Wedding Dress

Grief Support Companion

A Grief Support Companion will be a bereaved parent who is wanting to provide informal support and friendship to another more recently bereaved parent. It offers you and another parent an opportunity to share your grief and experiences together, to 'walk alongside' one another and in this way be a listening ear and an understanding 'friend'. Halos will initially get you connected and then the contact may be by phone, in person, email and/or Face Time, whatever works best for you both.

*You may sign up and not be matched with someone for a while if we don't have anyone who needs a companion right away.

Volunteer to Be a Grief Support Companion

Handmade Needs

We are always in need of different handmade items for our Angel Boxes, but please check the link below to see current needs.

Current Needs

Molds Volunteer

If you are interested in learning to do molds at funeral homes so that parents can have this precious gift, please send an email to us at [email protected] When we have enough intersted people we will hold a training at our office in New Richmond, WI.

Mold Training Sign Up

On Call Phone Team Volunteer

Answer the phone as you have time between 7am-10pm to help answer questions and take messages. We will teach you everything you need to know!

On-Call Team Sign Up

Memorial Service Refresments

When we have a family ask for refreshments for a service within 15 miles of New Richmond, WI we put a sign up on our main Facebook page.